Matthews-Crawford Post No. 131

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Link to Fannie Mae Elder Kit

Fannie Mae has created the ElderKit as a convenient way for you to record and maintain information about
your older relative’s personal and medical concerns. Once you’ve reviewed the materials we’ve included and
“filled in the blanks,” the ElderKit will help you . . .
• Assess your older relative’s finances.
The toolkit contains a template to help you summarize your older relative’s financial assets and liabilities.
Other forms will help you record the location of important documents so you don’t need to search for
them during an emergency or crisis.
• Help doctors and other health care professionals.
The information in this toolkit can provide health care workers with a snapshot of your older relative’s
medical history and current condition. You’ll also learn what information to furnish health care providers
so they can develop a thorough and effective plan of care.
• Make sure your family members are informed and prepared.
The toolkit will be a valuable guide to you and your family in the event of an older relative’s incapacity.
Knowing your older relative’s financial, legal, and medical status will help every caregiver, and aid the
individual responsible for the estate.


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