Commander's Corner

So far in 2017, our Post Honor Guard has honored 10 veterans who have passed on to Post-Everlasting.

2016 - 50 Veterans honored

2015 - 40 Veterans honored

2014 - 76 Veterans honored

2013 - 65 Veterans honored

2012 - 50 Veterans honored

2011 - 51 Veterans honored

Would you like to become a Funeral Honors member? If so, contact Ramon Mora through our business office at 660.747-5957.
Constitution Pre Amble Printable Schedule
Board of Directors:
Eugene Reed (as Commander)
Gerry Seelinger,
Keith Lawrence,
Gary Waner,
Larry Province,
Brian Jacobs,
Kyle Hookey,
Bryan Lee
Post Officers:

Commander Gene Reed,

Vice Commander Richard Rogers,

Adjutant Christina Peabody,

Acting Finance Officer Steve DelVecchio 

Public Information Officer Jerry McGlaughlin,

Historian Fernando Martins,

Chaplain Bob Walker,

Service Officer Gary Waner,

Judge Advocate Gary Grigsby,

Sergeant at Arms James Hecker

Vice Commander: Richard Rogers
Commander: Eugene Reed
Finance Officer: Steve DelVecchio
Judge Advocate: Gary Grigsby
Public Affairs Officer:           
Jerry McGlaughlin
Historian: Fernando Martins
Adjutant:                    Christina Peabody 
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